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Kayla Cameron
Age • 25

“When I think of someone that is young, I think of a person that is still trying to find their footing, experimenting, learning the world, etc.”

To me, BEING Young & Twenty is the most contradicting combination of words and hear me out!.

When someone says they are in their 20’s, people immediately expect you to be mature, successful, accomplished, and a plethora of other words describing the adult you’re now supposed to be. However, on the flip side, those same people will look you dead in the eye and still call you young … it doesn’t make any sense.

When I think of someone that is young, I think of a person that is still trying to find their footing, experimenting with different things, learning the world, etc.

And at 25, I feel that exact way. I may have a time stamped on my forehead that says I’ve been on this earth for 25 years but that doesn’t automatically turn me into that mature successful adult that most think or expect me to be.

I’m still trying to figure myself out, find my passions, and in general, just look like I’ve got my shit together.

I sometimes feel the clock ticking in the background but I remind myself that just because most people might want me to rush into being an adult, I am taking my time. I am fully embracing and enjoying what it means to be both YOUNG and TWENTY.

I’m trying to look like I’ve got my shit together. 

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New beginnings

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Hello everyone, its been a while since i’ve posted and I would like to apologize. Like anyone…life happens. I was, up until recently, studying abroad for a entire year and a half in Europe. Only just a few months ago did I finally came back to the states to finish up my last semester of college. It’s been a huge adjustment being back to American life and to be honest I have been an absolute mess. Somewhere in the transition I lost my creative spark and started to look at things more bleakly. A lot of that had to do with the sudden pressures of my impending graduation. However, I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of things and by trying to rekindle my internal flame. I realized that I also want this blog to encompass more than just make-up and beauty. Even though it hasn’t been up for long, I want to create more dialogue and express who i really am. I hope you all can understand and continue reading. Thank you all.