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Today I wanted to talk about a few new make-up products that I have added to my collection recently. Not only did I want to talk about these products because I obviously think they are great additions, but also because I wanted to showcase affordable and easy to find products. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Naked palette or a Mac lip stick as much as the next person, however it tends to be a little heavier on the wallet.


L’oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminator in Rose ($13)

My first product is something I found recently while at the drug store and decided to give it a try. Another incentive also might have been the fact that I had a $4 off coupon that of course sweetened the deal a bit. Anyways, I am a huge fan of rose gold anything…as most everyone is these days…and this is no exception. The product itself is very appealing to the eye however, I don’t think that this product ranks top among other highlighters I have tried. I will say though, that it does add a nice shimmer or sparkle to your make-up. I would recommend this product for those who are just starting out with highlighters or for those who don’t want to spend a crazy amount at the store.


Coola Mineral Sunscreen/BB cream ($36 Full Size)

My second product is something that I actually received as one of those “if you don’t want it i’ll toss it” samples from my mom’s Birchbox. Thankfully I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. I gotta say, this is like a four in one product for me. First and foremost, this product has an SPF of 30 which is great for keeping your skin healthy and protected. Second, because it has a light tint to it, it helps to even out my skin tone. Third, it acts as the perfect primer for whatever make-up I apply next and forth this product is loaded with tons of great oils and stuff for you skin. As described on Ulta’s website, this product is “Made with organic rose hip oil, rich in free radical fighting vitamin C; and organic calming evening primrose, delivering abundant omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid to improve elasticity and help skin retain moisture. Organic shea butter smoothes and hydrates while the phyto-protector plankton extract rejuvenates skin.” Since using this product, I have noticed a definite change in the way my skin feels and how it has relieved some of lingering dry patches on my face. Fair warning…the full size of this product is the one thing on this list that is slightly on the pricier side but it does last an extremely long time! I’ve had this product for a few months now and I’m still not even half way through. I only use a small amount to distribute all over my face.


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Caramel Daisy (left) and Hibiscus (right) ($7)

My third product is the never disappointing Burt’s Bees lip balm. They come in so many fun and yummy flavors and even better…colors! I yet again, got these for a great deal at my local drugstore. (I’m assuming they were so cheap to make way for the new Burt’s Bees lip sticks that are out now.) Anyways, what I love about these tinted lip balms is that they are exactly what you would expect. It’s the classic Burt’s Bees lip balm formula with a little extra something. On days when I’m not wanting to put on a sticky gloss or drying lip tint, I will almost always reach for one of these. They keep my lips nice and hydrated while making me look like I actually have my stuff together. Im interested to see if the new lip sticks are somewhat the same as these.


Elf Contour Palette ($6) and Contour Brush ($6)

If you are looking for a great alternative or dupe to those expensive palettes you’d find at Sephora, this is the way to go. When I stumbled upon these new products from Elf, I was super stoked. For me, Elf products seem to be totally underrated or under discussed. I always feel like I don’t really hear many people talk about the brand. In my opinion, Elf has crazy affordable brushes that are good quality. Not to mention, you can sometimes find hidden gem products like this contour palette. Right off the bat, this palette reminded me of the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette  because it has two different shades of contour color and two different highlight colors. The texture is super soft and fine and the colors are very pigmented. All in all i’d say This product is a total home run! I will also possible do an entirely separate post on this product with more detail.


Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown ($8)

When I was in the market for a replacement for my dried up Benefit Gimme Brow, this had just come on to the market. I believe it was a sign for my wallet. Spending around $8 compared to $30 every few months is a nice relief. Just like Benefit’s Gimme Brow, this product is a tinted brow gel. One small complaint is that I wish the applicator could me slightly smaller like Gimme Brow. However, this product get the job done and keeps my eye brows looking nice.


Maybelline Define-A-Brow Brow Pencil in Medium Brown ($7)

Going along with brows…this brow pencil is an amazing dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow pencil. The product has a super small crayon like tip that allows you to make little strokes to easily define and shape your brows. Conveniently located at the end of the pencil is a nice small comb for grooming. This product is another with and again the affordability is something you can’t beat.


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Also, if anyone has tried those Burt’s Bees lip sticks let me know how they worked out!


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