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So today I wanted to talk about something that had been causing quite the problem for me on weekday nights. Lately, I’ve been unable to calm my mind and put all of the days happenings aside and actually fall into a peaceful sleep. Therefore, I took it upon myself to try out a few things before bed to help me relax. Slowly but surely, i’ve compiled a simple list of 5 things that have helped me to unwind at night. Hopefully they work for you as well!

1. Light Some Candles


I love to light candles before bed. I will light one about an hour or so before actually falling asleep so that way I don’t forget to blow it out. I like to choose scents that aren’t too harsh or too sweet. For example, I currently burn either my Eucalyptus Mint or French Lavender candles before bed. If you are worried about falling asleep and accidentally leaving a candle burning, you could either set an alarm on your phone to wake you up or you could buy one of those battery powered faux candles that still give you that warm glow of a real candle.

2. Comforting or Relaxing Smells


This one kind of goes along with candles but that is to use comforting or relaxing scents. By that, I mean you can use whatever products or scents that get you to that happy relaxed state. Whether that be your favorite vanilla scented body wash or a lavender bubble bath. Certain smells are extremely powerful in getting out minds and bodies to wind down. I know if I am having a hard time getting my mind to just take it down a few notches, I have three of my go to favorites on hand right next to my bed. As pictured above, are my John Masters Rosemary and Arnica Body Milk, my LUSH Dream Time Temple Balm, and my Panic Button Essential Solutions Mist from Aura Cacia. I also sometimes use my mini oil diffuser and load it with a few drops of whatever essential oil i’m in the mood for.


Read more on the power of scents HERE.

3. Dim the Lighting


Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

Since purchasing my two Himalayan Sea Salt lamps, it has become my new night time ritual to turn one on before bed. There is said to be a plethora of health benefits to using a salt lamp in your house on a day to day basis. To name a few, it purifies the air, improves breathing, reduces allergy symptoms, and for this specific posts sake, improves sleep. The warm orange glow that is emitted from the lamp doesn’t interfere with your quality of sleep like the light emitted from your phone or TV does. I just flip it on and unlike my candles, I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn it off.

Read more on the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps HERE

4. Curl up with your Favorite Book

Theres nothing that I enjoy more than curling up and getting lost in a good book. I can say that it is especially beneficial when I’ve had a trying day. I love to wander around my local book store and find whatever new and exciting book catches my eye. I mostly go for books that have an elements of adventure and mystery and a little romance doesn’t hurt either. Lately I’ve been reading two of my newly added book in my collection: Emma Mildon’s: The Soul Searchers Handbook and Shannon Kaiser’s: Adventures for your Soul. These books are what I would like to call easy reads and bonus, they give you something positive to think about.

5. Yoga or Meditation


Vera Bradley Yoga Mat

Both of these have been a recent addition to my day to day routine in general. I recently started Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 day Yoga Boot Camp (YouTube: Yoga with Adrienne). I always wanted to give yoga a try but I always found myself unfocused and bored. However, Adrienne is the perfect yoga guide by mixing humor, knowledge, and the ability to let you be flexible with movements in her videos. I noticed a definite difference since day one and I actually look forward to beginning each new video everyday. Aside from the Yoga Camp, Adrienne’s YouTube channel features tons of other videos covering a vast array of aliments and issues. Anything from releasing anger to relieving back pain. Also, along with practicing yoga or meditation, there is a multitude of benefits for both your mind and body. Now, that is not to say you need to immediately go out an become some hard core yogi but it’s nice to treat not only your body but your mind once and a while.


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