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Today I wanted to talk about a few new make-up products that I have added to my collection recently. Not only did I want to talk about these products because I obviously think they are great additions, but also because I wanted to showcase affordable and easy to find products. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Naked palette or a Mac lip stick as much as the next person, however it tends to be a little heavier on the wallet.


L’oreal True Match LUMI Powder Glow Illuminator in Rose ($13)

My first product is something I found recently while at the drug store and decided to give it a try. Another incentive also might have been the fact that I had a $4 off coupon that of course sweetened the deal a bit. Anyways, I am a huge fan of rose gold anything…as most everyone is these days…and this is no exception. The product itself is very appealing to the eye however, I don’t think that this product ranks top among other highlighters I have tried. I will say though, that it does add a nice shimmer or sparkle to your make-up. I would recommend this product for those who are just starting out with highlighters or for those who don’t want to spend a crazy amount at the store.


Coola Mineral Sunscreen/BB cream ($36 Full Size)

My second product is something that I actually received as one of those “if you don’t want it i’ll toss it” samples from my mom’s Birchbox. Thankfully I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. I gotta say, this is like a four in one product for me. First and foremost, this product has an SPF of 30 which is great for keeping your skin healthy and protected. Second, because it has a light tint to it, it helps to even out my skin tone. Third, it acts as the perfect primer for whatever make-up I apply next and forth this product is loaded with tons of great oils and stuff for you skin. As described on Ulta’s website, this product is “Made with organic rose hip oil, rich in free radical fighting vitamin C; and organic calming evening primrose, delivering abundant omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid to improve elasticity and help skin retain moisture. Organic shea butter smoothes and hydrates while the phyto-protector plankton extract rejuvenates skin.” Since using this product, I have noticed a definite change in the way my skin feels and how it has relieved some of lingering dry patches on my face. Fair warning…the full size of this product is the one thing on this list that is slightly on the pricier side but it does last an extremely long time! I’ve had this product for a few months now and I’m still not even half way through. I only use a small amount to distribute all over my face.


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Caramel Daisy (left) and Hibiscus (right) ($7)

My third product is the never disappointing Burt’s Bees lip balm. They come in so many fun and yummy flavors and even better…colors! I yet again, got these for a great deal at my local drugstore. (I’m assuming they were so cheap to make way for the new Burt’s Bees lip sticks that are out now.) Anyways, what I love about these tinted lip balms is that they are exactly what you would expect. It’s the classic Burt’s Bees lip balm formula with a little extra something. On days when I’m not wanting to put on a sticky gloss or drying lip tint, I will almost always reach for one of these. They keep my lips nice and hydrated while making me look like I actually have my stuff together. Im interested to see if the new lip sticks are somewhat the same as these.


Elf Contour Palette ($6) and Contour Brush ($6)

If you are looking for a great alternative or dupe to those expensive palettes you’d find at Sephora, this is the way to go. When I stumbled upon these new products from Elf, I was super stoked. For me, Elf products seem to be totally underrated or under discussed. I always feel like I don’t really hear many people talk about the brand. In my opinion, Elf has crazy affordable brushes that are good quality. Not to mention, you can sometimes find hidden gem products like this contour palette. Right off the bat, this palette reminded me of the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette  because it has two different shades of contour color and two different highlight colors. The texture is super soft and fine and the colors are very pigmented. All in all i’d say This product is a total home run! I will also possible do an entirely separate post on this product with more detail.


Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown ($8)

When I was in the market for a replacement for my dried up Benefit Gimme Brow, this had just come on to the market. I believe it was a sign for my wallet. Spending around $8 compared to $30 every few months is a nice relief. Just like Benefit’s Gimme Brow, this product is a tinted brow gel. One small complaint is that I wish the applicator could me slightly smaller like Gimme Brow. However, this product get the job done and keeps my eye brows looking nice.


Maybelline Define-A-Brow Brow Pencil in Medium Brown ($7)

Going along with brows…this brow pencil is an amazing dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow pencil. The product has a super small crayon like tip that allows you to make little strokes to easily define and shape your brows. Conveniently located at the end of the pencil is a nice small comb for grooming. This product is another with and again the affordability is something you can’t beat.


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Also, if anyone has tried those Burt’s Bees lip sticks let me know how they worked out!


How to Unwind at Night



Welcome back!

So today I wanted to talk about something that had been causing quite the problem for me on weekday nights. Lately, I’ve been unable to calm my mind and put all of the days happenings aside and actually fall into a peaceful sleep. Therefore, I took it upon myself to try out a few things before bed to help me relax. Slowly but surely, i’ve compiled a simple list of 5 things that have helped me to unwind at night. Hopefully they work for you as well!

1. Light Some Candles


I love to light candles before bed. I will light one about an hour or so before actually falling asleep so that way I don’t forget to blow it out. I like to choose scents that aren’t too harsh or too sweet. For example, I currently burn either my Eucalyptus Mint or French Lavender candles before bed. If you are worried about falling asleep and accidentally leaving a candle burning, you could either set an alarm on your phone to wake you up or you could buy one of those battery powered faux candles that still give you that warm glow of a real candle.

2. Comforting or Relaxing Smells


This one kind of goes along with candles but that is to use comforting or relaxing scents. By that, I mean you can use whatever products or scents that get you to that happy relaxed state. Whether that be your favorite vanilla scented body wash or a lavender bubble bath. Certain smells are extremely powerful in getting out minds and bodies to wind down. I know if I am having a hard time getting my mind to just take it down a few notches, I have three of my go to favorites on hand right next to my bed. As pictured above, are my John Masters Rosemary and Arnica Body Milk, my LUSH Dream Time Temple Balm, and my Panic Button Essential Solutions Mist from Aura Cacia. I also sometimes use my mini oil diffuser and load it with a few drops of whatever essential oil i’m in the mood for.


Read more on the power of scents HERE.

3. Dim the Lighting


Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

Since purchasing my two Himalayan Sea Salt lamps, it has become my new night time ritual to turn one on before bed. There is said to be a plethora of health benefits to using a salt lamp in your house on a day to day basis. To name a few, it purifies the air, improves breathing, reduces allergy symptoms, and for this specific posts sake, improves sleep. The warm orange glow that is emitted from the lamp doesn’t interfere with your quality of sleep like the light emitted from your phone or TV does. I just flip it on and unlike my candles, I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn it off.

Read more on the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps HERE

4. Curl up with your Favorite Book

Theres nothing that I enjoy more than curling up and getting lost in a good book. I can say that it is especially beneficial when I’ve had a trying day. I love to wander around my local book store and find whatever new and exciting book catches my eye. I mostly go for books that have an elements of adventure and mystery and a little romance doesn’t hurt either. Lately I’ve been reading two of my newly added book in my collection: Emma Mildon’s: The Soul Searchers Handbook and Shannon Kaiser’s: Adventures for your Soul. These books are what I would like to call easy reads and bonus, they give you something positive to think about.

5. Yoga or Meditation


Vera Bradley Yoga Mat

Both of these have been a recent addition to my day to day routine in general. I recently started Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 day Yoga Boot Camp (YouTube: Yoga with Adrienne). I always wanted to give yoga a try but I always found myself unfocused and bored. However, Adrienne is the perfect yoga guide by mixing humor, knowledge, and the ability to let you be flexible with movements in her videos. I noticed a definite difference since day one and I actually look forward to beginning each new video everyday. Aside from the Yoga Camp, Adrienne’s YouTube channel features tons of other videos covering a vast array of aliments and issues. Anything from releasing anger to relieving back pain. Also, along with practicing yoga or meditation, there is a multitude of benefits for both your mind and body. Now, that is not to say you need to immediately go out an become some hard core yogi but it’s nice to treat not only your body but your mind once and a while.


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LUSH Haul and Review

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Im back again with some goodies I recently picked up after a splurge at LUSH. I mean seriously that store gets me every time. Anyways, I decided to do a mini review of each of these products since I haven’t been using them for very long. So, without further delay..lets get into it!


Angels on Bare Skin- (Cleanser) 

I grabbed this little goodie after having a rather lengthy discussion followed by a sampling of various cleansers with one of the woman that worked at the shop. I wound up choosing this one in specific because I have a tendency, in the dry months, to get random dry patches around my T-Zone. With this product containing ground almonds, it helps to buff off any access dry skin flakes that don’t get washed off with my foaming cleanser. Also, the product is made with lavender oil and rose absolute that will soothe, balance, and calm my sensitive skin. For me, it was the perfect two in one cleanser that would keep my skin flake free and soft.


Cup O’ Coffee- (Face Scrub/Mask)

This wonderfully smelling coco and coffee scrub is something I just had to get my hands on. Who doesn’t love their cup of coffee and the rich, awakening aroma it embodies. And now, you can add that same experience to your skin-care routine! This product contains actual coffee grounds. sweet roasted coco extract, and kaolin clay. Also, this mask is considered to be a hybrid between a mask and a scrub for the face and body. The directions suggest, you apply the product all over the area of your choosing, let sit for 5-10 mins, then gently scrub off with warm water. This product does a great job not only with exfoliating and stimulating the skin but also with waking up the senses like a cup of morning joe would. However, with that being said, I do want to mention a couple of not so great observations I have noticed when using this product. First and foremost, this product is extremely messy. The coffee grounds that are used to give the mask its exfoliating effect, tend to get all over any surface in which you are washing the mask off. Secondly, going along with the messiness of the coffee grounds, they also tend to be a little too harsh for my skin. So, I suggest that if you have sensitive skin to ask for a sample or test it out on your hand before purchasing a full size container of this product.


Pumice Power- (Foot Scrub)

I just purchased and used this product as of last night and I was rather pleased with its performance. Texture wise, the soap has a slightly sandy/gritty texture that is perfect for scrubbing off the nasty dead skin on the bottoms of your feet. The smell is quite refreshing as well, since it is infused with the lovely scent of sweet orange oil. I will say, that this product definitely did its job by softening the bottoms of my feet and getting off access skin. Although, when you first use this product, it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much since the soap itself isn’t that typical harsh pumice you might be accustomed to. It is a fine pumice powder instead. However, if you take the patience to soak your feet and massage the bar on the spots that need some loving’, you’ll notice the difference.



Ambrosia- (Shaving Cream)

Ok now, don’t be deceived. When you look on the LUSH website, this product is technically marketed/designed to be a shaving cream for men. I however, purchased it as the perfect shaving cream for my legs. I loved the aspect of the shaving cream be something that’s super gentile and calming on my skin compared to the store brand kind that can be super drying. The cream is made with honey water, coconut, jojoba, and chamomile oils to help protect and moisturize the skin. The scent of the product is also very light compared to the previous shaving cream I had used from LUSH, D’Fluff. I have a feeling that I will be sticking with this product as my go to shave cream for a long time to come.


Love and Light- (Hand Cream)

I actually revived this hand cream in one of LUSH’s gift packages from a family member for Christmas. Now, I normally don’t go to LUSH or anywhere to be honest, looking for a hand cream or lotion. Most of the time I just rub whatever lotion I had used on my face or body into my hands and call it a day. So, when I saw that this was included in my gift package I didn’t think I would have much use for it. I was wrong. I placed this guy next to my bed on my night stand just to use before bed and now I can’t get enough. The texture is very luxurious having been made with neroli and coco butter. But I have to say that by far the best this about this product is the scent. I believe that this hand cream honestly and whole heartedly smells like a bowl of Fruit Loops in milk. I know that’s an interesting way to put it but I swear, smell it for yourself! It brings me back to my childhood. All in all, my hands have never felt softer or more nourished than they do now.


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Updated Skin-Care Products 2016

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Hey guys!

So, today I wanted to give you all an update on some of the skin care products I have been using lately. Most of the products featured are from the Body Shop. I don’t really follow any particular skin-care line that they offer (i.e. Aloe for sensitive skin, Tea Tree for blemished or oily skin, Vitamin E for hydration.) I kind of just pull from a few products that I like or that work well together for me. That being said, continue reading to get a peak into the products I’ve currently been using.


First up, is the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleaner. What I love about this product more than anything is the smell. Tea Tree oil itself smells very refreshing and natural and I think that when using any type of face cleanser, something that doesn’t smell artificial is an absolute plus. The foaming action of the cleanser allows the product to not be as harsh and drying on the skin. Since I live near Chicago the winter months can already be incredibly rough and drying on the skin but this product keeps from adding to that problem. Sometimes I still can’t get over how nicely this product has kept my skin clear and protected from any sort of breakouts.


A few months back I talked about how much I loved the Aloe Skin Protecting Serum and this is just another product from that line that just works wonders for the skin.  This is the Aloe Calming Toner. When I visited the Body Shop near me I was given the recommendation to follow up my cleanser with this overall balancing and restoring toner. Let me tell you, I’m beyond glad that I followed that advice. This toner, as with the Tea Tree cleanser, smells great. It’s very mild in scent and doesn’t over power the senses. I just use a small amount on a cotton pad and in a circular motion, rub it all over my skin. It instantly soothes any irritations and redness and doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly tight. It adds just the right amount of hydration back to my skin after cleansing.


This product by far has to be the product that stands out the most for me. As someone in there 20’s, I didn’t really think I needed to start hoping on the serum bandwagon just yet but boy…did this serum knock me right off my high horse. Typically the Drops Of Youth Serum is a bit on the pricer side but I managed to score it during one of the Body Shop good promotional deals. This serum has more substance than the oil or watery based products I’ve seen on the market. It has more of a goo like consistency. This product can be used day or night and I use between 1-2 drops that I either pat or massage it into my skin. I have noticed a definite difference in my skin. It feels hydrated and soft and I don’t have any dry patches. It just seems to instantly bring life into my skin. One small con I would like to mention however is that, I don’t care too much for the sticky feeling it leaves on my hands after applying so I just go ahead and rise them off with soap and water.


Last but not least, is my Manuka Honey Smoothing Face Cream and Eye Cream by SPA. I actually found both of these product at a Ross near me and unfortunately haven’t been able to find it since. For those who don’t know what Ross is, it’s basically like a Tjmaxx where you can buy higher end products for less. Anyways, since purchasing these two things I have been thoroughly impressed. Especially during the winter, this moisturizer, which is on the thicker side, adds a layer of protection from the harsh cold and wind. Also, the ingredients in these products are 100% natural. Not to mention, the Manuka Honey acts as a calming agent by adding essential nutrients to the skin.


All in all, I think I have finally hit the jackpot on all of these products. In combination, these skin care items have definitely made a difference in my skins texture, appearance, and over all health. As you can clearly tell, I can’t rave more about these products and I suggest that if you’re in the market for some new skin care products that you give these babies a try!


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New Year New Resolutions

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a brand new year and that means everyone is busy trying to stick to their new years resolutions and not eat that extra piece of chocolate cake. I thought I would follow the trend and set forth a few of my new years resolutions with a twist. Unlike the typical “go to the gym 5 times a week” goal, I want to try and aim for resolutions that help me reach my happiness from the inside rather than the outside.

I want to focus on reaching goals that help to add more positivity and light into my life. Nobody wants to look back on their resolutions and see that even though they walked away with that “hot bod” and never skipped on their diet they are still fairly unhappy. Now, I am not saying that working out is a resolution that doesn’t add happiness because it can, I am saying that sometimes we try fixing what we can directly see rather than what we might not be able to. We think if our jeans fit better we might be happier or if we stay away from chocolate we ultimately become better people but thats unfortunately not true. This year I want to learn to love myself without limitations or guilt. I want to learn that even though I don’t have a million dollars I am still successful.

So, with that being said, here are some of my new years resolutions for 2016:

  1. Try a 30 day yoga challenge (i’ve had my eye on one in particular: Yoga with Adriene 30 day yoga camp).
  2. Take time to meditate everyday if only for 5 mins.
  3. Read at least 2 new books every month.
  4. Learn to appreciate the little things by writing at least 2 things positive things that happened during the day.
  5. Keep my room CLEAN! (It sometimes gets hard to keep track of those piling clothes in the corner that you swear you’ll put away tomorrow but never do. I want to make sure that if I take out a few outfits to try on I put away whatever I don’t use right away.)
  6. Turn off electronics before bed. (This one is going to be the hardest for me. I love nothing more than to scroll through Facebook and Twitter endlessly before bed or watch countless Youtube videos but it no doubt hinders my quality or sleep.)
  7. Make time for myself. (This one sound pretty general but its probably the most important. I am the type of person that thinks about everyone else before myself. This year I want to focus on myself and my priorities first and foremost. Whether that be taking a break when I am over worked or stressed or just simply taking the time to pamper myself. It’s a simple fact that we too often let ourselves forget; we are just as important too.)


I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know what your resolutions are! I would love to hear them 🙂