New beginnings

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Hello everyone, its been a while since i’ve posted and I would like to apologize. Like anyone…life happens. I was, up until recently, studying abroad for a entire year and a half in Europe. Only just a few months ago did I finally came back to the states to finish up my last semester of college. It’s been a huge adjustment being back to American life and to be honest I have been an absolute mess. Somewhere in the transition I lost my creative spark and started to look at things more bleakly. A lot of that had to do with the sudden pressures of my impending graduation. However, I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of things and by trying to rekindle my internal flame. I realized that I also want this blog to encompass more than just make-up and beauty. Even though it hasn’t been up for long, I want to create more dialogue and express who i really am. I hope you all can understand and continue reading. Thank you all.