The Body Shop: NEW Product review!

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So, while out shopping today I just happened to pass by a Body Shop and I stopped dead in my tracks upon witnessing that the new Virgin Mojito product line from The Body Shop had been released here in Germany. Not to mention, I feel extra special because I don’t think that it has been released yet in the US. (I check the website and it’s nowhere to be found.)


I decided to grab the shower gel (7 Euro) and a mini version of the lotion (6 Euro). All of the products in the Virgin Mojito line are like that of all the other products in The Body Shops body care line. However, the Virgin Mojito line has two new products not featured in any of the other scents and that is a body splash and a body sorbet. The body splash is described as an innovative new way to apply the fragrance after a shower for a longer lasting scent. The body sorbet is one product that I think was genius. It is a moisturizer for the body but unlike the normal Body Shop body butters that tend to be pretty thick in consistency, this product is a light weight gel. When I tried it out in the store it ¬†felt cool and refreshing and sank into my skin quickly. I think it’s perfect for those hot summer months where you want to apply moisturizer but don’t want to feel weighed down and sticky. I also have to mention that some of the products were packaged in an adorable gift set called the “happy hour collection” in none other than a martini shaker. How freaking cute!


So now how can I even begin with this product? What caught my eye first was the gorgeous summery lime green of the packaging that instantly screams summer. The picture on the front of a slice of lime and mint leaves captures that refreshing sensation of a cold Mojito. But what really had me head over heals in love, was the smell of the Virgin Mojito products. It has such a light citrus scent with hints of mint and its not over powering at all. I by far think that this is a absolute home run for The Body Shop.


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