New shoe edition: Birkenstocks 

Birkenstock, Fashion, shoes, summer

What’s up guys! Hope your Thursday is going good. This is going to be somewhat of a short post but I just had to share this purchase I made yesterday with you and that is these irridescent Florida style Birkenstocks! Obsessed is putting it mildly….


I have always wanted a pair of Birkenstocks but I never really took the initiative to go out a buy a pair. However, when I came across these babies just they other day I knew I had to have them.


While on my way to a cafe I passed a Birkenstock store. Outside they had a small desplay of shoes so I went to check it out. These ones just popped out at me and immediately caught my attention. (I mean how could they not?) Unfortunately, when I asked they only had one size available. I wasn’t sure this size was going to fit my feet. But guys, I had a legit Cinderella moment because they fit perfectly!


It was love at first sight. What made me fall so hard, was that not only are they completely eye catching, but they are a totally unique and different. I can definitely picture myself wearing these a ton over the summer. Also, another reason why I love these shoes so much, is that I have a weak arch and I tend to pronate inwards and these shoes are so supportive to the shape of my foot instead of normal flat flip flops. So, if you don’t already have a pair of Birkenstocks I highly suggest getting a pair! I might go back again today myself 🙂

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