Highlight My Life: Highlighter Favorites & Review

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Well long time no post! First, before I get started, I would like to apologize for my long absence. Life happens and so does illness….like a nasty case of salmonella poisoning. But I have recovered and I’m ready to get back to writing. So, with that being said, lets talk about some highlighters.

Highlighters: What can I say. I was never really into the whole highlighting thing until recently. I always used to highlight the inner corners of my eyes or on my brow bone but nothing further than that. I thought highlighting was strictly a “keep it on the eyes” kind of thing. However, with the recent blow up of conturing and highlighting, I realized you can completely change your makeup and give it more dimension just by drawing attention to the high points on your face. Like I said, this highlighting thing has been a rather new addition to my everyday makeup and I am no expert but here are the products I’ve been experimenting with lately.

This Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta in the shade Halo is perfect for highlighting the inner corners and brow bone. The product has a smooth creamy blend-able consistency which I really enjoy. I also like that this eyeliner is really pigmented without being too glittery. All you have to do is pretty much just swipe it once over the area that you want highlighted and the blend it out for a soft shimmer.



I received this small version of Benefits Watt’s Up highlighter in a sample package with other smaller versions of the companies top sellers a few months back, and people don’t be fooled! Even though the packaging is rather small compared to its original size I have barely used half since the four months I started using it. What I enjoy about this product is that the consistency is smooth just like the Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta. I use a few swipes on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and forehead. Then, blend it out with my ring finger to get ride of any harsh edges between my makeup and the highlighter. The color of this highlighter is more of golden bronzed shade which is perfect for the up coming summer months.



These are two little babies that I also received in that Benefit sample pack. They are Benefits signature liquid highlighters Sunbeam and Highbeam. Sunbeam is a more pigmented bronzed version of Benefits Watt’s up and its twin Highbeam, is a pinkish iridescent highlighter this a also quite pigmented. Both highlighters are blendable while wet and they also have long staying power compared to a powered highlighter. I also enjoy that even though these products are in liquid form they don’t feel heavy or thick whatsoever on the skin.



If you’re just starting out highlighting or you want to save a few…a lot of money. I would highly suggest Soo Glow by Essence. I was really surprised by the overall quality of this highlighter. This very affordable cream to powder highlighter is perfect for that all over glow. It gives the right amount of light catching highlight and makes your skin look dewy without looking overdone or oily. I would say the color of this product in the container looks almost like a solid form of Benefits Highbeam however, when applied the color is not as pigmented.



I spoke about my love of the Max Factor Pastel Blush in Seductive Pink in my March Favorites post however, I forgot to mention its highlighting ability. Although subtle, this blush has a slight shimmer to it that creates the effect of highlighter. Now I know that this product clearly isn’t an all over highlighter since it is a blush but if you’re in a hurry to get ready you know this product has you covered…well on the cheeks at least.




Pictured above Top to Bottom:: The different highlighters so you can see what they look like on the skin.

-Max Factor Pastel Blush in Seductive Pink

-Soo Glow by Essence

-Sunbeam by Benefit

-Highbeam by Benefit

Watt’s up by Benefit

Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta in Halo


I hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to like, comment and follow.





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