Highlight My Life: Highlighter Favorites & Review

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Well long time no post! First, before I get started, I would like to apologize for my long absence. Life happens and so does illness….like a nasty case of salmonella poisoning. But I have recovered and I’m ready to get back to writing. So, with that being said, lets talk about some highlighters.

Highlighters: What can I say. I was never really into the whole highlighting thing until recently. I always used to highlight the inner corners of my eyes or on my brow bone but nothing further than that. I thought highlighting was strictly a “keep it on the eyes” kind of thing. However, with the recent blow up of conturing and highlighting, I realized you can completely change your makeup and give it more dimension just by drawing attention to the high points on your face. Like I said, this highlighting thing has been a rather new addition to my everyday makeup and I am no expert but here are the products I’ve been experimenting with lately.

This Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta in the shade Halo is perfect for highlighting the inner corners and brow bone. The product has a smooth creamy blend-able consistency which I really enjoy. I also like that this eyeliner is really pigmented without being too glittery. All you have to do is pretty much just swipe it once over the area that you want highlighted and the blend it out for a soft shimmer.



I received this small version of Benefits Watt’s Up highlighter in a sample package with other smaller versions of the companies top sellers a few months back, and people don’t be fooled! Even though the packaging is rather small compared to its original size I have barely used half since the four months I started using it. What I enjoy about this product is that the consistency is smooth just like the Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta. I use a few swipes on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and forehead. Then, blend it out with my ring finger to get ride of any harsh edges between my makeup and the highlighter. The color of this highlighter is more of golden bronzed shade which is perfect for the up coming summer months.



These are two little babies that I also received in that Benefit sample pack. They are Benefits signature liquid highlighters Sunbeam and Highbeam. Sunbeam is a more pigmented bronzed version of Benefits Watt’s up and its twin Highbeam, is a pinkish iridescent highlighter this a also quite pigmented. Both highlighters are blendable while wet and they also have long staying power compared to a powered highlighter. I also enjoy that even though these products are in liquid form they don’t feel heavy or thick whatsoever on the skin.



If you’re just starting out highlighting or you want to save a few…a lot of money. I would highly suggest Soo Glow by Essence. I was really surprised by the overall quality of this highlighter. This very affordable cream to powder highlighter is perfect for that all over glow. It gives the right amount of light catching highlight and makes your skin look dewy without looking overdone or oily. I would say the color of this product in the container looks almost like a solid form of Benefits Highbeam however, when applied the color is not as pigmented.



I spoke about my love of the Max Factor Pastel Blush in Seductive Pink in my March Favorites post however, I forgot to mention its highlighting ability. Although subtle, this blush has a slight shimmer to it that creates the effect of highlighter. Now I know that this product clearly isn’t an all over highlighter since it is a blush but if you’re in a hurry to get ready you know this product has you covered…well on the cheeks at least.




Pictured above Top to Bottom:: The different highlighters so you can see what they look like on the skin.

-Max Factor Pastel Blush in Seductive Pink

-Soo Glow by Essence

-Sunbeam by Benefit

-Highbeam by Benefit

Watt’s up by Benefit

Kohl Eye Liner from Ulta in Halo


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March Favorites

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Another month has come and gone and with that I have some monthly favorites to share with you guys!


(Pictured Above Lower Right)

Max Factor Blush – seductive pink

Bourjois Healthy Balance pressed powder- 52 Vanilla

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation- Fair-Light honey

Benefit Gimme Brow- Dark brown

I just recently talked about the Bourjois Healthy Balance face powder in my “New Beauty Favorites” post a few weeks back. Since purchasing it I’ve been using it everyday single day and can’t rave enough about it. Its silky smooth texture and mattifyng properties keeps makeup looking fresh and free from oily looking skin.

Another Favorite I’ve been loving this month is one that I have had for quite some time now but completely forgot about. I stumbled upon the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation again after wanting a quick foundation to throw on but that still made it look like I had put a lot of effort into my makeup, and boy did it get the job done! I totally forgot how much of a flawless coverage this product gives. It literally looked like I had airbrushed my foundation on. I don’t know what made me stray from this product but I can 100% promise it won’t happen again!

I am including the Max Factor Pastel Blush into my favorites even though I just picked it up at the drug store two days ago. I am already absolutely obsessed with this product. Alone this blush looks stunning with its mosaic like pattern and on its just the same. The color is a darker pinky/peach with a small hint of shimmer. I think its the perfect cheek color for spring and summer.

Benefits Gimme Brow is also another product that I have had for a while and fell in love with all over again. Ok so story time…..A few weeks back I was trying to see if I could find a cheaper alternative to this product because it is on the pricey side. I had heard about Maybelline’s Brow Drama and decided to run to the drug store and give it a go. However, I was not a fan of the product and decided to go back to the drug store to return it. The Maybelline Brow Drama just did not match up to Benefits Gimme Brow. Maybe in the future I’ll give Brow Drama another try but for now it’s Gimme Brow all the way.

Hair & Skincare

(Pictured Above Upper Left)

Batiste Dry Shampoo-Medium/Dark Brown

Rituals Lotion- Spark of Hammam

Body Shop- Aloe Protective Serum

Macadamia- Natural Healing Oil Spray

Dry shampoo is a must for me on days when I don’t feel like washing my hair. The Batiste Dry Shampoo is hands down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It just leaves your hair looking like you just stepped out of the shower and blow dried it. I decided on getting the colored dry shampoo because since I have medium brown hair normal dry shampoos tend to leave a white residue towards my roots. With this product I find that the white residue is barely visible. I like to spray and my roots wait a few minuets, maybe do my makeup in the mean time and then brush it through my hair. My hair is left smelling good and looking fresh.

Rituals is a store the I unfortunately do not have in the US but…they do have it in Europe. I am currently studying abroad in Europe and on a shopping excursion this month I was sucked into this store and fell head over heals in love with this scent Spirit of Hammam. In my opinion this scent is the best one in the entire store and after purchasing an air freshener in this scent it was my mission to make my body smell like it too. So I picked up the product in the lotion form. The scent is a fusion of eucalyptus and rosemary and holy moly is that the best combination! Its such a fresh, relaxing and sophisticated scent. Its just the right amount of sweet.

The Body Shop has been on spot lately for me and the Aloe Protective Serum is no exception. I apply this product after I cleans and tone my face. Once I put it on is completely soothing and reviving to my skin. I once went a few days without using it because I though I had lost it but when I found it an put some on I didn’t even realize how much my skin needed it. Its helped clear up dry patches on my skin and leaves it feeling plump and hydrated. It’s also super light weight and sinks in incredibly quickly so you don’t have to wait long before applying your moisturizer and makeup.

Since I cut my hair really short I’ve noticed that I blow dry my hair much more frequently than I’m used to and my hair is feeling more dry that usual. I brought this product with me to Europe after getting it in my Birchbox. I like how light weight this product is and how it leaves my hair feeling smooth and like its had a big gulp of water. I do have this product in a sample/travel size and once I’m out I will most definitely be purchasing a bigger bottle.


Rexona Spray Deodorant – shower clean

EOS- Coconut

Burts Bees- Hydrating Coconut Pear

Perfume- Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

It might seem strange mentioning a deodorant but just hear me out. Since being in Europe I’ve noticed that stick deodorant is just not really a thing here like it is in the US and I think they are on to something here. Its so simple to me just to quickly spray my deodorant one or two time and then be on my way instead of taking the time to roll on my deodorant and worry about it smearing onto my clothes. I don’t think I can go back to normal deodorant when I get back home.

There is also a trend here in my randoms and that is chap-stick. I always forget how important it is that lips are skin too and they, just like anything, need moisture. I have always been a fan of EOS and when they released their coconut flavor I had to have it. The smell is not to overpoweringly coconut, which I enjoy. It also leave my lips soft and free from dry cracks. Also, this Burts Bees Hydrating chap-stick in Coconut Pear is perfect for quick hydration on the go. Since the EOS packaging is round it does fit too nicely in my pockets but the Burts Bees is the perfect size. Not to mention the smell is intoxicating. Sometimes I find myself just applying it to smell it.

Lastly is the perfume I’ve been wearing lately. I know everyone was a big fan of the Nirvana Black but I’m just not into heavy scents like that. The Nirvana White however, is a perfectly light comparison. With a sweeter floral scent its perfect for spring or just to throw on when you want to smell really good.

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Rainy Day Essentials

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April showers brings may flowers

Its officially spring and with that comes rainy days. I particularly have a love hate relationship them. I love the soothing sound of rain drops on my window and the instant sense of calm and comfort when one rolls around. However, with that, rainy days make me anything but productive since all I want to do is be bundled up in blankets with my favorite movie on. So, whether you have all day to lounge around or maybe just a few minuets these are some of my favorite rainy day essentials.

I was just recently been introduced to the “Wreck This Journal” books a few months ago by none other than my 10 year old sister. I had a moment of panic thinking she knew more about what “in” than I did but I was happily distracted by the awesomeness that was these books. I have one of the 8 total books by this author, Keri Smith. I can honestly say that you could spend a good portion of your day just letting your imagination run wild with this book. It has a multitude of out of the box activities to do from creating secret codes, to finding new ways to transport the book without using your hands. Almost everything can be done indoors give or take a few things and its the means to hours of amusing fun. Secondly, I picked up a book recently…yes from the young adult section don’t judge me…its called “Asylum” by Madeleine Roux. Its one of two books about a 16 year old boy named Dan Crawford who ends up being accepted into a prestigious program held during the summer. When Dan arrives he finds that the usual dormitories are closed down and now the program is placing students in near by dormitory that was also formerly psychiatric hospital. I haven’t read very far but what ensues I can only imagine is straight from a horror movie. What also had me freaked was ion several pages in the book there were real photographs from asylums featured. So if you’re in the mood to be a little scared on your rainy day this is perfect for to set the tone.


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner by LUSH is a deliciously smelling in shower lotion that is perfect for those rainy days when you just want to pamper yourself. This LUSH product works just like a conditioner for your hair but for your body instead. After using a body wash (i.e shampoo) take a scoop of this rose infused conditioner and massage it into your skin as you would a normal lotion. Then simply wash it off, hop out of the shower and pat dry with a towel. A word of warning: the sensation is a slightly weird one. After washing the product off in the shower the argan oil from the conditioner have clung to your body leaving a somewhat greasy feeling. However, don’t let that dissuade from this product. Once you’ve gotten out of the shower and patted dry, your skin is left feeling incredibly moisturized and soft and not to mention smelling amazing!


Like I mentioned, on a rainy day sometimes I like to take the time while indoors to pamper myself. The Mario Badescu Almond and Honey non-abrasive face scrub doesn’t contain any harsh abrasive beads or chemicals but instead small bits of ground almond incorporated throughout the product. Also, the honey within this scrub is amazing on the skin as a natural antiseptic and moisturizer. Another perk is that this product can be used not only as a face scrub but you can also use it as a mask for 10-15 mins. On smell alone this scrub is absolutely delectable and not to mention I am a HUGE sucker of anything almond smelling, so this product has me hooked.

For me tea is an essential part of everyday but it’s especially a must for rainy days. A big cup of tea is like a big cup of comfort and relaxation. I like to sit down while I’m reading one of my books or even just to watch the rain fall outside and have something nice to sip. I am currently obsessed with this tea brand. I know it’s a UK based tea brand called Clippers but here in Germany, where I am currently, they call it Cuppers ( I don’t know why the name is changed but the packaging is the same…) Every time I’m in the store I’m always looking to see what flavor I should try next. Right now I’m loving Zen Balance. It’s and herbal blend with a mixture of lemongrass, ginkgo, and eucalyptus. The flavor is so unique and refreshing and instantly relaxes your mind and body.



So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a few of my rainy day essentials. Feel free to comment with any essentials that are a must have for you!!