My New Beauty Favorites

Beauty, Bourjois, Laura Mercier, Olay

(Top left) Laura Mercier Tinted Oil Free Moisturizer- in Porcelain
(Top Right) Olay Double Action Primer and Day Cream- for normal skin
(Bottom) Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder- in Vanilla

I went shopping for some beauty goodies this month and this is what I have been loving! First up is the Olay double action primer and daily moisturizer. The smell of it reminds me slightly of Johnson and Johnsons baby lotion but thats what I really like about it. Its somewhat of a calming scent. The color of the cream is also a soft baby pink which could also be why it reminds me of Johnson and Johnsons baby lotion. I was in the market for a tinted moisturizer that didn’t feel too heavy on the skin and I had heard rave reviews about the Laura Mercier tined moisturizer so I decided to give it a try. It gives just the right amount of light coverage and although the moisturizer is oil free it does still give off a somewhat dewy glow which I am not at all apposed to. I just neutralize it with my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. This stuff feels like butter! It’s completely soft and smoothing on the skin with a slight hint of color and leaves any oily areas on my face completely oil free all day. In combination all three of these products make for a flawless everyday makeup look.


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